The DukPak

Pre-Order with estimated fulfillment date starting 6/25/18
Includes : 
1 DukPak
1 Laptop Case
1 TravelPak
1 WorkPak
1 CoolerPak
The DukPak originated when the FOWL team was frustrated with Unstylish backpacks, wet gear, lack of organization, and constantly having to change bags for everyday activities. So we set out to invent the most stylish, versatile, water resistant backpack ever.
Tired of having to purchase different bags to fit our daily needs we created patent pending interchangeable Pak inserts that can transform your backpack from a work bag, to a cooler bag, to a weekend travel bag in a matter of seconds. Simply unzip the back zipper to the bottom and pull out your insert to remove or Pak, then use the top zipper for quick and easy access to gear. The back and bottom are equipped with patent pending magnets to snap your insert in place and keep it secured. Whether you are a traveler, outdoorsman, worker, or whatever lifestyle you choose the DukPak enables you to “Wear Your Life.”